On 25th February 2018 Judo Izegem presents its 15th open judo tournament: Izegem Open.

This international tournament is taken as a national moment of measure for judokas under the age of 15.
Izegem Open has been withheld by the Flanders Judo Federation (VJF) as a ranking tournament and as a selection tournament for participation in foreign judo meetings and for international traineeships. This is the place to be for judo fighters with ambition.
Apart from this national selection, a range of clubs from across Europe are invited to compete.

Registration is possible only via this link, follow menu Registration for further details.

!! First prize: Adidas judogi !!
25th February 2018
Label A tournament
Ranking VJF
National Selection
Boys & Girls
U15 (2004-2005)

^^^ FOR KIDS ^^^